Jonathan Levi

Jonathan Levi FAIA

Founding Partner and Director of Design

Jonathan Levi, FAIA, is an eloquent and vital voice in architecture – a practitioner, teacher, and mentor for more than 40 years.

He received a Master of Architecture and a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Art from Yale University. In 1985, he founded Jonathan Levi Architects in Boston after serving with the internationally-noted Chicago firm Hammond Beeby and Babka.

Mr. Levi’s work reflects his deep dedication to extending the legacy of socially progressive modern architecture. His practice centers around highly refined projects, featuring widely applicable innovations in design and technology, improving the quality of life and productivity. A champion of the profession, Mr. Levi has mastered the ability, through co-creation, to gain clients’ and constituency groups’ trust to achieve their highest aspirations for the future while developing the tectonic principles he’s dedicated to teaching and developing in his practice.

His prominent designs include Dearborn High School, a community-transforming public STEM academy for the City of Boston; a multi-phase transformation of the Federal Office Building in Andover, MA into a sustainable model workplace as part of the GSA’s Design Excellence Program; and a Holocaust memorial in Charleston, SC that synthesizes urban architecture and his own sculpture to produce an urban event of expressive power. In 2009 Mr. Levi developed a master plan and designed housing for the Sidra Medical Research Center and a community center, public spaces, sports facilities, markets, cafés and a mosque in the State of Qatar.

Mr. Levi is a former Adjunct Full Professor at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. Additionally, he has guest lectured at University College, Dublin, Harvard University, Auburn University, Northeastern University, and The University of Illinois, Chicago. He is a prolific, frequently published author and sought-after expert for national and international publications.

A recent recipient of the AIA/BSA/City of Boston’s Harleston Parker Medal for the single most significant work of architecture built in the Boston metropolitan area during the last ten years, other recent significant honors includes the 2019 AIA/BSA Award for Design Excellence; 2018 AIA New England Award for Design Excellence; 2016 Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Award; and 2014 U.S. General Services Administration Public Building Service Biennial Design Award.